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2015 - Here we come!

Where do you see this new year leading you? What do you think it may have in store?

Well if I look back at 2014 there have been many moments throughout the year that have made
me smile for various reasons, but the times where I have smiled the most was when I witnessed
people working together and worshipping together as God would want us to.

If I think back to Le Tour – I was worried that it would be a lot of hype and a little bit of
anti-climax – but indeed it was truly eventful and spectacular. We saw people from St John’s
and the other churches work hard to look after our community who gathered around our church to watch the event.

There have been some lovely baptisms that have happened this year – and families have brought their children to God for so many different reasons. It was lovely especially during our Harvest service to see the church packed with the family and friends of our Baptism candidate and our regular congregation welcome them.

The Garden Party and Christmas Fayre are also great highlights – where we welcome so many people through our doors and enjoy the hustle and bustle together. Such team-work and fellowship is clear and visible for all to see.

I could actually go on for a long time with this list – but as I write this I am in the week of the Christmas services with our local schools. We have already had one visit from Allerton Church of England and one from Highfield Primary.
Both services were completely different and very magical. I witnessed children and staff working together to help the children’s family and friends celebrate Christmas with steel drums and Christmas bells! The church was full to the brim but people didn’t mind – and I was truly blessed by the occasions.

On all of these occasions and the many others – I imagine Jesus in our midst – and smiling too.

I hope and pray that in this year to come we would all continue working alongside one another and loving each other as Christ demonstrated. That we would put others before ourselves and love – even when it is difficult and challenging.  Lets keep making each other smile – but most importantly – lets make Jesus smile too!

I look forward to journeying through 2015 with you. Many blessings and prayers - Sharon


Parish News - January 2015